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Hello, my name is Pavel Andreev and I am the creator of the PavelAndreev.BG platform and the executive director of the Pavel Andreev Foundation. II believe that good deeds, humanity and desire to help have always been persistent in our society and with this platform I intend to give my contribution to the trend of shared good. Because, no matter how well we live, when we are surrounded by people in need, socially challenged people and such people who have been affected by misfortunes, we will not feel OK. More, sooner or later the problems of the society might come down to us. Therefore, it is vitally important to take active part in sorting out such problems, thus creating a better environment for all. We can be sure that our efforts will be rewarded.

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Why PavelAndreev.BG?

The Pavel Andreev Foundation is an international fundraising platform and thousands of charitable online campaigns have been organized through it. You can count on modern methods to get donations, a team that will be by your side during your campaign, security for your money and 24/7 access to it.

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Our vision

The slogan of the Pavel Andreev Foundation is: Every cause is worth it! Therefore, anyone who wishes to organize a charity campaign to raise funds for treatment or a social cause is welcome. We believe in kindness and desire of people to help, and with the help of donors and the team of the platform, we will implement your cause together.


Read real opinions and thoughts of people who have used the PavelAndreev.BG platform. This is the most reliable and good assessment of the work of the Pavel Andreev Foundation.

Teddy Dimitrova

Thank you to PavelAndreev for all you do! I hope there are more people like you! Stay healthy!❤️❤️❤️

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Ина Иванова

Thank you to the Pavel Andreev Foundation and the whole team! ❤️ We wouldn't have been able to do it without you! ❤️ Keep donating...

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Nikolay Stoyanov

Amazing site and cause! Stay healthy!

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Елена Георгиева

I will never be able to thank Pavel and his foundation enough who helped me to raise a truly enormous amount...

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Kamelia Raicheva

Pavel and his whole organization and campaign were amazing, responsive, the communication was great and professional.

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Гергана Нейчева

Dedication, support and quick reactions are indispensable in cases where human life is at stake. Here you can meet...

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Monika Stoyanova

Hello! First of all, I wish that no one has to use the services of the PavelAndreev.BG team ...

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Anna Kamanarova

AMAZING!!!! Never stop helping, that's the only way we'll keep the human in us! 😘 Good luck!

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Emil Pavlov

I had the honor to meet this man some time ago, I am glad that he started this cause, there are few people like him now.

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Vesela Nikolova

From the team of the platform and personally from Mr. Andreev, we had support, adequacy, humanity. They answered our...

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Десислава Христова

We are extremely grateful to Pavel Andreev and his platform, and to all the donors who gave us ...

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Nina Karova

If a doctor tells you that you are dying... Smile and contact your Guardian Angel-Pavel Andreev...

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Yulia Neycheva

Huge thank you to all the contributors to the platform. I am very glad that you and I were able to raise the funds...

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Dimitar Kararadev

Thank you to Pavel Andreev and the whole team for the quick response and humane attitude to collect the necessary funds...

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Katq Ivanova

I want to express my gratitude to Pavel Andreev and the whole team of the platform for the assistance and human ...

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Елена Ангелова

Thank you to Pavel Andreev for the cooperation and quick response ❤️ in organizing my campaign Dari Budeshte (Give Future) ...

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Kremena Stefanova

I want to express my gratitude personally to Pavel Andreev and to the team of the platform. I was part of the campaign...

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Даниил Поманов

Thank you to Pavel Andreev for the aid he provided in financing the campaign "Give Easter 2022" for ...

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Йорданка Георгиева

A great team is behind this platform, besides they do great good for all causes and it is completely free...

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