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23rd February 2024

Children's mental health

Children's mental health: what do we need to know to provide support?

Did you know:

- 220 million children suffer from mental disorders;

- 50% of adult mental disorders start before the age of 18;

- Mental health spending accounts for 3.5% of GDP in the European Union;

- 31% of the world's population is under the age of 18, and 10%, of whom 220 million are children, suffer from mental illness;

- 90% of people who commit suicide suffer from mental illness.


If these numbers and statistics amaze you and make your hair stand on end, then we suggest you learn a little more about the topic, "Children's Mental Health" and how we can provide support.

1.Children's mental health

Children's mental health is an important topic that affects the development, wellbeing and future of children. It covers a child's emotional, social and cognitive functioning, as well as their ability to cope with stress, build healthy relationships and adapt to change. Children's mental health is influenced by many factors such as genetics, family, society, education, environment and culture. To help children grow up healthy and strong, we need to know how to care for their mental health.

2.Tips for good child mental health

A child is a small creature who differs from adults in his immaturity and dependence. In order to grow stably, he has two basic needs that need to be met.

  • The first need is to be loved and accepted unconditionally

The child needs to feel ordinary and accepted as he is, regardless of his achievements or behaviour.

  • The second need is to be respected and recognised as an individual

The child wants to be respected for his thoughts, feelings and ideas. He needs to be recognized as a human being, along with his unique qualities.

When these two needs are met, the child develops and grows healthy mentally and physically.

Good mental health in children is essential for their happiness and successful development. Here are some tips that can help improve children's mental health.

1. Provide a stable and supportive environment:

Children need a safe and supportive environment in which to grow. Provide structure and regularity in their daily routines. Create positive and healthy relationships and provide appropriate opportunities for play and learning.

2. Talk with your child:

Actively listen and communicate with the child. Let them express themselves freely and be open to their emotions and problems. Show him that you understand and support him.

3. Support healthy habits:

Proper nutrition, adequate amounts of sleep, and regular physical activity are essential for good child mental health. Help him develop healthy habits and provide appropriate opportunities for physical activity.

4. Support his self-confidence and independence:

Help children develop their self-confidence and independence by providing them with opportunities to make decisions and achieve personal goals. Encourage them to express their opinions and be active participants in family and school life.

5. Monitor for possible problems and seek professional help:

Be attentive to changes in the child's behavior or mood. If you notice problems such as depression, anxiety or social difficulties, seek help from a psychologist or other child mental health professional.

Following these tips can create a foundation for good development and help children grow up happy and successful. Always keep in mind that each child is unique and may require an individualized approach and support.

3.Children's mental health centres

Children's Mental Health Centres have a crucial role to play in helping children with mental health problems to recover. However, these centers face challenges related to securing sufficient funding and access to resources.

Organizing a fundraising campaign, through a donation platform, can be a key factor in providing the necessary support for these centers.

Let us now look at a few important reasons why it is good to support centres and organisations working in the field of children's mental health.

1. Improving access to help:

Children's mental health centres offer specialist support and treatment to children with a range of mental health problems. Raising donations through a fundraising platform such as PavelAndreev.BG can help expand the capacity of the centres and provide greater access to help for those in need. This includes funding additional therapy sessions, training specialists and developing new treatment programmes.

2. Supporting relatives of children with mental health problems:

Children's mental health centers not only help children individually, but also their families and the community as a whole. Organizing a fundraising campaign attracts the attention of people who are willing to help and donate to support these centers. This creates a sense of solidarity, commitment and community involvement in solving this important problem.

3. Support early detection and treatment:

Early detection and treatment of mental health problems in children is of great importance for their future. Fundraising campaigns can help fund early detection programmes and train professionals to provide appropriate help in early childhood. This can save them years of suffering and give them a better chance of successfully coping with mental health problems.

4. Maintaining the quality of services:

Funding for children's mental health centers is essential to maintaining the quality of services provided. Fundraising campaigns allow centers to invest in needed resources, equipment, and staff training. This ensures that these children receive the best possible treatment and support.

Here is the answer if, despite all that has been said so far, you are still wondering:

4.Why campaign and donate to support children who need to improve their mental health

At a time when stress and panic are increasingly prevalent in our society, supporting children to improve their mental health is becoming more and more important. Campaigning and donations help in effective ways to children who are struggling with stress, anxiety and other mental health issues to:

Quickly and easily start your campaign on PavelAndreev.BG. or support a donation campaign.

  1. Improve their quality of life:

Children who suffer from mental health problems face a number of difficulties in their daily lives. They give up social activity, have difficulty succeeding at school and have difficulty in relationships with family and friends. Campaigns and donations can provide financial support for therapeutic programmes that will help children to cope with these problems and improve the effectiveness of their lives.

  1. Spreading awareness:

Campaigns and donations play a huge role in raising awareness about children's mental health. In addition to various media channels and events, you are not only providing an opportunity to get the word out to the community, you are also helping people learn how they can help. This not only contributes to the children who need support, but also specifically engages the community to provide the help needed.

  1. Prevent future problems:

Improving children's mental health in their early years can prevent more serious problems in the future. Failure to cope with stress and anxiety can lead to long-term problems that affect their academic success, professional careers and personal development. The campaigns and donations raised, provide an opportunity to invest in children's futures by providing them with support and resources to improve their mental health.

  1. Family Support:

One child's mental health difficulties can put serious pressure on the whole family. Donation campaigns can raise much needed funds to help families struggling with these issues. Therapy programs and counseling help parents understand how to support their child and cope with the challenges they and their children face.

Organizing a fundraising campaign to support a children's mental health center goes a long way in providing the specialized help needed. These campaigns make access to help possible, support the community, assist in the early detection and treatment of child mental health disorders, and maintain the quality of services that are provided.

Let's commit together and support children's mental health organisations and centres now. By doing so, we will contribute to a better future for children.

Start your own charity campaign on PavelAndreev.BG platform or support an organization or center with your donation now.

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