Articles - Everything you need to know about fundraising for children deprived of parental care
16th October 2023

Everything you need to know about fundraising for children deprived of parental care

Do you know what is the first thing a child develops as a skill? It is the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Then, why not think about where children deprived of parental care start? And, why does life present such trials to some from infancy?

We begin a topic with complex and difficult questions, but let's face it - nothing in this world is easy. Nothing is handed to us for free, and may the more trials and obstacles we encounter along the way, the stronger immunity we build. Could it be the same with children?!

Let us turn our gaze to a vulnerable group - children and young people deprived of parental care.


  1. How crowdfunding can help children and young people deprived of parental care;
  2. Successful campaigns to motivate you to start a charity campaign;
  3. How to set up a crowdfunding campaign for a parentless child;
  4. Donation ideas from the Pavel Andreev Foundation for setting up a fundraising campaign for children and youth deprived of parental care.

Children and youth without parents are one of the most vulnerable groups in society. There are a number of things that are good to know about them. When a person is more aware of the problems of others it can be much easier to empathise with their situation and they will be much more willing to support someone in need.

"We choose our friends, our environment, but we don't choose our parents!"

There are many reasons why children and young people can become parentless. Among the most common of these are accidents, illness, poverty, loneliness and social disadvantage, and people with addictions. It is important to understand that these children are not to blame and deserve special attention and support.

Children and young people without parents need stability and security

They need a suitable place to live, access to education and medical care, and support to develop social and emotional skills.

Why it is important to help vulnerable children and young people

Every children's home or foster family must offer appropriate care and development for children and young people who are without parents. They should have access to education, healthcare and opportunities to develop their talents. Read also our article :

What financial difficulties children from vulnerable groups face

Psychological support and therapies are essential for children and young people without families

These young adolescents often experience trauma and loss, which can have a negative impact, on their wellbeing and development. Psychological support can help them cope with these challenges and build healthy relationships.

How can we help orphans and abandoned children?

It is important to promote the independence and autonomy of children and young people without parents. They should be supported and encouraged to develop their independence and independent decision-making skills.

Community solidarity and support

The community must be aware of the needs and rights of children and young people without parents. This can be achieved through education campaigns and programmes that raise awareness and understanding on this important topic.

Children and young people without parents deserve equal opportunities and equal rights

They must be protected from discrimination and violence and have access to the same rights and opportunities as other children and young people.

What are the first steps that everyone can and should take

We all have a responsibility to care for children and young people, whether they have parents or not. The support and attention we give to vulnerable children can help them to build a more successful future and become strong and independent individuals.

1.How crowdfunding can help children and young people without parental care

One tool that can help this group of disadvantaged adolescents is crowdfunding. Let's take a closer look at how a fundraising campaign can help improve the lives of these vulnerable children and young people.

  1. Providing educational opportunities:

Crowdfunding can provide funds for training and educational programs that will help adolescents gain the knowledge and skills they need. This can be aimed at funding the purchase of learning materials, paying school fees, purchasing and equipping with computers and other technologies that are necessary for the educational processes.

  1. Support for specialised education:

Crowdfunding can benefit children and youth without parental care to obtain the resources they need for their professional development. This includes funding for training, internships and mentoring programmes that will benefit them to gain the practical experience and skills they need to successfully integrate into the labour market.

  1. Social support and psychological assistance:

Crowdfunding campaigns can aim to provide resources for social and psychological support to children deprived of parents. This type of fundraising helps to finance programmes and services that will facilitate their adaptation to their new environment. This will also facilitate the process of coping with difficulties and the building of interpersonal relationships.

  1. Development of talents and hobbies:

A crowdfunding campaign can support the development of the talents and hobbies of children and young people without parents. Such a campaign could aim to raise funds for specialised schools, clubs and organisations that will help children and young people develop their skills and talents in different areas. These could be disciplines such as sport, art, music, etc.

  1. Social networking:

Group funding can help children and young people who are deprived of parental care to connect with other peers in similar situations to their own. A fundraising campaign can fund events, camps and meetings where vulnerable children can feel part of a community and build friendships, acquaintances and lasting relationships.

Overall, organising a fundraising campaign provides opportunities to improve the lives of orphans. It helps them to get education, professional development, social support and psychological help. This enables them to develop their talents and build social contacts with other children and young people their age or living in similar circumstances to them. This is a good opportunity that opens up many fields of expression and creates better prospects for a successful and independent life in the future.

2.Successful campaigns to motivate you to start a charity campaign

3.How to set up a crowdfunding campaign for a child without parents

Every child deserves love, care, attention and support from their parents. Unfortunately, cases in which children and teenagers are left without family care and need just as much, if not more, than moral and material support are not few. These adolescents are often rejected by society through no fault of their own.

Let this motivate us to provide a more dignified life for every child. One of the things that can help in such situations is starting a crowdfunding campaign.

Anyone can start such a campaign from the PavelAndreev.BG website. There you will find a lot of charity campaigns and ideas for charity with a variety of purposes and topics.

ThePavel Andreev Foundation has been on the international scene for years. It enables people to donate to selected causes or help others to be heard, seen and funded.

To this end, look out for crowdfunding for children and young people deprived of parental care.

It's a great way to put your point of view forward, for vulnerable groups in need. In this way, you can show empathy and be part of a noble cause.

There are many benefits in considering the idea of organising a charity fundraiser for children and young people deprived of parental care.

Here are some of them:

The PavelAndreev.BG platform provides easy and convenient navigation for everyone. From it, you can start a donation campaign with just a few steps.

A big advantage of the donation site is that it has a good international traffic, which explains the hundreds of successfully planned and completed campaigns to date. Many of the active charity campaigns and ideas can be viewed on the platform itself.

Another great advantage is that when your campaign raises a certain amount, it can be withdrawn in a very secure and convenient way. Along with this, the platform provides 6 payment methods which are as follows: card, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay, Revolut and IBAN account. This also makes it easier for the donors themselves.

In general, with Pavel Andreev Donations anyone can achieve the desired goal, it is enough just to try to do it.

4.Ideas for donations from the Pavel Andreev Foundation to organize a fundraising campaign for children and youth deprived of parental care

If you want to help children and youth deprived of parental care you can do it very easily. One way is already mentioned above and that is by starting a fundraising campaign for children and young people. In support, of whatever you may need the team at the Pavel Andreev Foundation is meeting. And, anyway, let's not forget to mention that the campaign launch is not everything. Next, you'll need to share a link to the charitable cause on social media.

Importantly, invite the community to share too!

Remember: The more people you reach, the more donors you will find.

You'll see excellent donation ideas from other ongoing campaigns on PavelAndreev. We encourage you not to ignore them!

Of course, you can always be different. This will even set you apart from the rest and push your donation campaign forward. It is good to follow a few steps:

Steps in organising a fundraising campaign for children and young people deprived of parental care

  1. Campaign goal:

Start by defining the purpose of the campaign - how much money you want to raise and how it will be used. For example, the goal could be to raise funds to support the education or health care of children and youth without parents.

  1. Also determine the target audience:

Determine who your target audience will be-individuals, companies, or organizations that are willing to donate. Develop a list of potential donors and contacts.

  1. Create a communication strategy:

Develop a communication strategy that will help your campaign spread and attract more donors. Incorporate social media, emails, press releases, websites, forums, and other means of communication that can be very effective in reaching your intended target audience.

  1. Provide donation packages as well:

Create different levels of donations to attract different types of donors. For example, you can create small, medium and large donation packages that offer different types of donor appreciation and perks.

  1. Organize events:

Planning charitable events for your charitable causes can focus on: auctions, concerts, charity balls, etc. that will help your fundraising campaign for children and youth without parents. Involve local sponsors, performers, volunteers. Such groups of people can help boost the success of events and therefore the rating of your crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Consider online crowdfunding itself:

Using proven international fundraising platforms like PavelAndreev will make the donation process easy and convenient for potential donors.

  1. Express gratitude:

It's important to follow up with all donors. Be sure to send them thank you emails or letters informing them of the campaign results.

  1. Transparency and accountability:

In today's world of easy access to everything and community contacts from all over the world, you can't help but be transparent and accountable to your donors. Provide information on exactly how the funds raised were used and how they helped children and youth.

Follow these steps and be creative throughout the process of organizing your fundraising campaign.

You already know enough to get more people involved and make your fundraising for children and young people without parental care a success. You can get started right now by selecting the "START A CAMPAIGN" button.

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