Articles - How much secondary education costs and how to help more children have a real chance
3rd October 2023

How much secondary education costs and how to help more children have a real chance

"The education of a child must begin at least 100 years before he is born."- Oliver Wendell Holmes

And, if you don't completely agree with the words of the American doctor, lecturer, professor, poet and writer, then we suggest you don't leave the topic. Learn how much secondary education costs and how we can help more kids have a real chance.

Here you will also find the Pavel Andreev Foundation and a number of useful tips, guidelines on how to plan yourself a brilliant fundraising campaign and be part of a mature and wise society.


  1. How much does secondary education cost these days
  2. How crowdfunding can help a child in need
  3. Tips and guidelines for a secondary education fundraising campaign
  4. More donation ideas and a donation site

1.How much does secondary education cost these days

Education is essential for the development of children and society as a whole. Secondary education plays a key role in preparing young people for their future. It gives them the foundations for personal and professional success. Yet the cost of secondary education can become a financial burden, both for families and for children deprived of parental care.

Throughout the education process, children in secondary schools face a number of additional. And so access to education must be equal for all adolescents, regardless of their social and economic status. Education must be a priority and therefore accessible to all students.

If we are to format the question: how much does secondary education cost today, it is good to remember that the cost of secondary education varies depending on the country and the type of school. Here, it is important to ensure that training is affordable and equitable for all children. This is the only way to enable all minors to have the right and access to trainings. This is the only way to ensure their future success.

2.How crowdfunding can help a child in need

Crowdfunding is a model that can play an important role in helping children in need. It is a process where people come together to raise funds and help a specific cause. In the case of middle school youth training, they can be assisted through crowdfunding. This is an extremely useful and effective method that has been proven to work in recent years and all over the world.

Such support can be organised by anyone. For this purpose, it is necessary to launch a campaign to raise funds for children's education. This is paramount for creating equal opportunities and sustainable development of society. Crowdfunding campaign can be planned from the PavelAndreev.BG platform. The incentive for this can be taken as the fact that education is the key to overcoming social inequality and is geared towards individual growth and success.

Through this type of donation campaign we have the opportunity to support young people who need financial assistance to access quality education. Our donations and sponsorships can empower children deprived of parental care to develop, gain new knowledge and skills, and achieve their dreams.

This is not only an investment in the adolescents' future, but also in the future of society as a whole.

Educated young people are the drivers of change and innovation

They are the future leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs and creators who will shape our common environment.

Planning and organizing a fundraising campaign for children's education empowers people from all over the world to get involved as active consumers.

3.Tips and guidelines for a fundraising campaign for secondary education

Fundraising for children's secondary education is a noble and important initiative. So, if you are planning a charity campaign to raise funds for secondary education, it is good to know that:

Anyone can join an existing donation campaign on PavelAndreev.BG. or organize one themselves. It does not require great skills or impossible things. It is enough just to follow some steps. These can be reduced to the following:

Tip 1. Target group and identification of needs:

Identify which group of children and families need financial assistance for secondary education. You might focus on children from marginalized communities, refugees, orphans or children from economically disadvantaged families. Identify these specific needs and what exactly they need to qualify for secondary education.

Tip 2. Create a campaign plan:

Determine your goals, how much money you want to raise, and over what period of time. Create a detailed plan that includes the different stages of the campaign as well as the methods of fundraising. This could include online donations, events, sponsorships, bazaars, etc. Start donation campaigns with the Pavel Andreev Foundation. This way based on people with experience, established positions and very successful crowdfunding campaigns behind them you will be able to pave the way to your goals, ideals and good ideas for donations much easier.

Tip 3. Create text that shows understanding and support:

Present the problems and needs of these children to potential donors and the public. Use various communication channels, such as social media, websites, and other methods to share the story, statistics, and importance of education for adolescents. Show the impact their donations will have on their future and society.

Tip 4. Partnerships and Sponsorships:

Look for opportunities for partnerships and sponsorships. You can do this by reaching out to businesses, nonprofits, and other stakeholders. You can help not only financially, but also with resources and expertise to support the campaign. Collaborating with partners can increase the visibility and effectiveness of the campaign.

Tip 5. Transparency and accountability:

Ensure transparency and accountability for your crowdfunding campaign. Donors need to know exactly what is happening with their money and how they are helping children. Regularly update donors and the public on the campaign's progress and results.

Tip 6. Gratitude and appreciation:

In the news, at the very bottom, wherever your campaign is running, voice all that is happening, at every stage of secondary education funding. And don't forget to express your gratitude in the messages you send, via the Pavel Andreev Foundation website. Show how valuable the contributions of those who support your cause are.

4.More ideas for donations and pavelandreev donation site

"A man who finishes his education today, and stops to study tomorrow, will find himself uneducated the day after tomorrow."- Newton Baker's thought.

And, so, to help more children have a real chance at an education we need to take concrete action. These can be both at the individual and societal level. Here are a few more ideas for donations you can be helpful with:

  • Financial support:

A large amount of money does not have to be set aside to help children gain access to education. Donation campaigns can be organized in stages. They can be used to support a variety of programs that include raising funds for school supplies as well as covering school fees, school materials, uniforms, and other costs associated with secondary education.

  • Support for educational programmes:

It is important to invest in improving the conditions and effectiveness of education programmes. This includes the provision of various learning materials and technologies, as well as training for teachers and staff. This is the time to share another wise saying:

"A true teacher is one who can make hard things easy."- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

... This is why it is important to channel resources not only into the educational process of young people, but also to upgrade the training of the teachers themselves.

  • Early Childhood Development Education Programs:

Investing in early childhood development is essential to preparing children for school. Early childhood education and care must be accessible and of good quality. This is the only way to ensure an equal start for all children. Here's why it can all start today, because:

"The great purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows."- Sydney Harris

  • Support for parents and carers:

Education shouldn't just be the responsibility of schools, but also the family. Providing parents and carers with information and resources about the importance of children and young people's learning, and ways to support them, can have a big impact, on success in school. However, let's not forget the words of Charlie Shedot:

"Some of the best teachers in the world are grandparents."

  • Partnership with business and NGOs:

Collaborating with businesses and NGOs can be a big plus in creating additional educational opportunities for children. This could include: internships, mentoring, provision of specialized learning facilities and equipment, and financial support. The Pavel Andreev Foundation stands behind every help and donation campaign in the name of children and youth.

All these actions can be carried out independently or in cooperation with interested parties. It is important to strive to create an educational environment where all children and youth have equal opportunities and a real chance to develop their talents and achieve their dreams. And let us conclude with some more wise words, this time from Helen Keller:

"The greatest outcome of education is tolerance."

Let us be tolerant of ourselves, of society and most of all of our future - our children and young people!

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