Articles - How to ask for financial help to organise a funeral
6th March 2024

How to ask for financial help to organise a funeral

How to ask for financial help to organise a funeral

The Orthodox Church teaches us that death is the separation of the soul from the body. The Holy Scriptures (the Bible) show that when "man goes to his place forever," the body should "return to the earth as it was and let the soul return to God who gave it" (Ecclesiastes 12:5-7)

1.What is needed for burial

The death of a loved one is always a difficult time for the bereaved, who grieve sunk in deep sorrow, pain and suffering. Beyond the emotional factor, which is quite strong in these cases, we should look at death as a path to a better life. This can be seen as a phenomenon present in the cyclical nature of life and human existence.

At this difficult time, in addition to mourning and honouring the memory of the deceased, we should also be concerned with arranging a funeral and all the important details surrounding the funeral ceremony itself. It is a process that requires time, money and attention to detail. That is why it is good to know what is needed for a funeral and how to prepare for it.

What the funeral planning process should include

Arranging a funeral involves several basic steps that must be completed in a specific order. They can be presented as follows:

1.Taking out a death certificate

This is the document that certifies the death of the deceased. This document is issued by the personal (family) doctor who has ascertained the death. It is important and necessary for registering the death with the municipality and for obtaining permission to carry out the burial.

2.Choice of burial place

Arranging a burial involves the selection of a place. The latter may be a new or an inherited burial place. For a new burial place, a fee must be paid to the cemetery park, and for an inherited burial place, documents proving the right to use the grave must be provided. If the deceased has expressed a desire for cremation, a crematory and an urn for the ashes must be selected.

3.Choice of coffin

Caskets can be made of different materials, sizes, shapes and colors. Their cost varies, according to quality and design. It is important to choose a coffin that suits the budget of the relatives and the deceased's situation in life respectively.

4.Preparation of the body

In arranging the funeral, the process where the body of the deceased is bathed, shaved, made up, dressed and arranged in the coffin is also involved. This service may be carried out by the chosen funeral agency or by the relatives of the deceased. The aim is to preserve the dignified appearance of the deceased and to prevent the body from decomposing while the farewell ceremony takes place. Of course, the procedure costs a certain amount when a contractor is paid for it.

5.Arranging a funeral ceremony

This is the event that gathers the relatives and acquaintances of the deceased in one place to take a final farewell to him. The mourning ceremony can be religious or secular, depending on the faith and wishes of the deceased and their relatives. It is usually held in a church, chapel, sometimes in the deceased's home or other appropriate location. When arranging a funeral, a mandatory requisite is the mourning ceremony. Various mourning accessories such as wreaths, flowers, candles, obituaries, portraits, music, etc. are used during it.

6.Transportation of the coffin

This is the point at which the coffin containing the body of the deceased is carried from the place of the funeral ceremony to the place of burial. A special vehicle called a hearse is used for this purpose. The hearse can be ordinary or luxury, depending on the choice of the relatives. When transporting the coffin, certain traffic and signalling rules are followed.

7.Burial or cremation

This is the last step of the entire funeral arrangement activity. During it, the body of the deceased is placed in the grave or in a crematorium. In burial, a rite is performed to consecrate the grave and bury the coffin, while in cremation, a rite is performed to send away the soul and burn the body. After the cremation, the ashes of the deceased are placed in an urn that can be buried, scattered or preserved.

2.How to ask for financial help to cover the costs - the crowdfunding platform PavelAndreev.BG

The ceremony of organizing a funeral requires not only time and energy, but also a lot of money. For many people this can be an overwhelming task. Given the fact that death in many cases is unexpected, the costs of sending the deceased are often unforeseen:

How do you ask for financial help to cover the costs?

In such cases, one option is to turn to the PavelAndreev.BG donation platform.

Here are some ideas How to raise funds for a funeral?

PavelAndreev.BG is the largest and most secure online platform for organizing charity campaigns and raising donations for a variety of causes. By starting your charity campaign with a few clicks, sharing your story and need for financial support with thousands of people, you can be sure that there are many good people around the world ready to support you. Through a crowdfunding platform, you can raise the funds you need for various charitable causes. All transactions are secure and transparent, and funds raised are transferred directly to the beneficiary's designated bank account.

Check out all the campaigns on PavelAndreev.BG or start yours now.

PavelAndreev.BG is a platform that successfully connects people in need of urgent funds for any need with people ready to help. Through it, anyone can start a fundraising campaign to organize a funeral. Here's how, step by step to do that:

  • Tell a story related to the deceased

Make a strong campaign. Start with a short appeal in the headline. Tell an interesting, compelling or sentimental story with the deceased. There's a fairy tale that claims the deceased are only spoken of in good or nothing terms. Try to present everything in the perfect way to touch the hearts of the givers.

  • Communicate why you urgently need funds

Make your appeal clear. Create a sense of urgency. Don't put it off until tomorrow or the day after. We all know that bad things don't ask when to come knocking at the door, they barge right in. That's why be assertive, clear, concise and prompt your audience to support you. Speak up because you need it and its help now, not later or some other day.

  • Make a tentative list of expenses you want money for

It's a good idea to be prepared with upcoming expenses around the funeral. Therefore, before you launch a fundraising campaign, follow the steps on arranging a funeral. You can find them above in the article. This way, you will be more objective and you will be aware of exactly how much funds you need, as well as what you will be paying out with them.

  1. Start a campaign

Starting a funeral fundraising campaign can be easier and faster when you use the PavelAndreev.BG donation platform. This is the largest and most secure platform for organizing online charity campaigns and raising donations. Here's what you need to do to start your charity campaign:

  • Register on the PavelAndreev.BG platform;

  • Create your campaign;

  • Describe your cause and the need for funds;

  • Use keywords and phrases, and before that you should have read point 1. What is needed for a funeral and 1. 5. Arranging a funeral ceremony and making funeral arrangements;

  • Tell who the deceased was, what their wishes were, the cost of the funeral and what it means to you to receive support. Be honest, emotional and respectful;

  • Include photographs to illustrate your campaign and show the face of the deceased. Choose quality and relevant images that will catch the attention of donors and create a good opinion of the person you want to honour;

  • Share your campaign with your social network, family, friends, colleagues and anyone who can help. Use different channels such as emails, social networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, X, TicTok. Ask your audience to donate, share and comment on your campaign. Be grateful, thoughtful and persistent;

  • Monitor the progress of your donation campaign. To do this, check how much money you have raised, how many donors you have and what their response is. Answer questions, thank donors and give updates on the situation. Show that you value their help, that you are accountable and transparent;

  • When funds raised are sufficient, use the funds to cover funeral expenses and show the reports to the audience of donors who supported you;

  • End your campaign by informing donors of the outcome and how you used their contribution. Show them photos or video of the funeral and express your unending gratitude;

  • Support other people who need help by donating or sharing their campaigns yourself.

Starting a fundraising campaign to organise a funeral is one way to cope with the bereavement of a loved one. It's a way to get financial and moral support from people who love and respect you. It is an excellent approach to honour the memory of the deceased and a good opportunity to connect with the whole community. This will ensure that you are not alone.

The PavelAndreev.BG donation platform is here to help you with funeral fundraising. Start a campaign now and share it with thousands of kind people who are willing to help.

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