Articles - How to help children and young people affected by a disaster
21st September 2023

How to help children and young people affected by a disaster

Times of disasters and natural elements can be disastrous, both to our homes and all property. However, it sometimes leaves indelible marks on the most fragile of creatures - children.

We've all heard expressions like, "We can't fight nature," "Mother Nature knows her job," but unfortunately, the elements can take much more than our material possessions. They hurt physically and mentally. The memories of a natural disaster are often indelible.

It is especially difficult for children to cope after natural disasters. Many times they have lost parents or have been hurt themselves and need help.

What is the support for victims of disaster?

We don't admit it, but we often only think about something seriously when it happens. Many times when we read the news or watch the news that mentions devastating fires, floods, earthquakes of massive proportions, etc., we often say to ourselves, "This is not going to happen to me." Unfortunately, when the opposite happens, the consequences and recovery from them are severe and demanding.

If you or your loved ones have been injured in a natural disaster or are in distress, it is good to know how you can help them.

Support and help is not just about financial assistance. This can be in the form of food, clothing, shelter, moral and emotional support, as well as health and other care for those affected.

How to help children and young people affected by a natural disaster or in distress

Children are the most vulnerable when it comes to disaster. Not only are they defenceless and often helpless, but such phenomena can have a serious psychological impact on their psyche and future development.

Anyone wishing to help a child in distress, whether a victim of natural disaster or a refugee or otherwise, can do so through a donation campaign. As mentioned earlier, help and support for those in need can take many forms, but by using the Pavel Andreev charity campaign platform to raise funds for children and youth affected by disaster, your cause will be sure to be heard.

With its help, it will reach as many donors as possible, and so any mission will be accomplished much more quickly and easily.

How to plan a donation campaign to help children and young people affected by disasters

The cause of helping children and youth affected by disaster is more than noble. However, you need to have a clear strategy in place for this, especially if this is the first time you have to face such events.

We all know that times of disasters and crises can be especially difficult for children and adolescent youth, and the need for help is never in excess. One of the most effective ways to help in these situations is by planning a fundraiser. In what follows, we've prepared a brief, step-by-step summary of how to plan and organize everything.

Here at the Pavel Andreev Foundation, we'll provide you with guidelines for successfully planning and executing a donation campaign aimed at helping children and youth affected by a disaster.

Identify the purpose and needs:

The first step in planning a donation campaign on the PavelAndreev.BG platform is to identify a specific goal and the needs of the children and youth you want to help. Talk to local organizations and humanitarian agencies to find out what the basic needs are and what help is needed.

Set a deadline and a target amount:

It is important to set a deadline for fundraising and to set realistic target amounts. This will be helpful to focus, on achieving your goals and will motivate donors.

Choose an appropriate fundraising platform:

There are many charity oriented websites on the internet. Choose the right online fundraising platform to help you organize and promote your campaign. We recommend that you read and get used to the one you choose so that you know everything about it in detail. For example, you can see reviews and comments about Pavel Adreev Foundation in many places. Make sure that your choice is unmistakable and the platform is providing charitable causes to help children and youth. Make your charity in this area and work in teams with people who have experience in working with such projects.

Create an engaging and informative campaign:

Create a compelling and appealing campaign that informs people about the needs of children and young people. Such a campaign should motivate people to donate. Include information about the purpose of the campaign, the specific needs, what the funds raised will achieve and how people can donate.

Promote your campaign:

Use social media, websites, local media and other channels to promote your campaign. Create a community of supporters and encourage people to share information about your campaign on their social networks.

This is something important for successful campaigns. In fact, it may be the most important thing, which is to share your campaign link on social networks. A very common mistake that people make is by just releasing a campaign and waiting. It doesn't work that way! It's important that when you announce your campaign to raise funds for children and young people that you then post regular updates. That way you'll keep your audience and donors up to date with everything that's going on.

Thank your donors and follow the progress:

Following on from the previous step is this one. Be sure to thank every donor and keep them all updated on your progress. Keep in regular contact with your donors and keep them informed about how the funds are being used to help children and young people.


Creating a donation campaign to help children and youth affected by a disaster requires planning, commitment and effective communication. By following the above guidelines, you can help provide the necessary help and support to these vulnerable groups.

How to help children affected by flooding

In disaster situations, when people wish to help those affected, which often include young children and or tine, the question is often asked "how exactly can I be helpful". One of the best ways is to organize a charity campaign to benefit the victims. This is the place to recommend that you take a look at the PavelAndreev.BG website and choose a cause that you would support. Of course, you can also easily create your own charity campaign.

Besides, there are other ways you can be really helpful to flood victims. Here are some of them:

Providing food and water:

One of the most pressing needs of flood victims and those in distress is to be provided with food and water. You can collect bandages, canned food, bottled water and other necessities and deliver them to the places where they are needed.

Provide temporary shelter:

Many victims, including children, have lost their homes in floods. If you are able, offer temporary shelter in your own home or help arrange temporary settlements.

Help with the collection of necessary materials:

Enquire about specific materials needed by the victims, such as clothing, blankets, hygiene items, etc. Organize the collection of such materials and hand them over to reception sites and points.


Volunteering for clean-up and recovery is another important way to be of service to affected children, youth and adults.

Also check out the article, How can we help in a flood?

How to help in a fire

A fire, whether of an individual dwelling, an entire building, or outdoors is not only very dangerous, life threatening, but also scorching everything. In the event, sometimes entire families lose their homes. An option to help is again, by setting up an online donation campaign. If you or your loved ones have been affected by fire, share the cause at PavelAndreev.BG. By taking this step, you will help immensely. There are other ways, as mentioned above, to help victims after a flood. Help can be in the form of food and supplies of necessities, volunteer work, financial means or by sheltering children and their parents temporarily.

How to help in an earthquake

Another disaster that people are powerless against is earthquakes. This is a very serious natural disaster that unfortunately causes great damage. What makes it even scarier is that it often affects entire cities and regions, killing large numbers of people. In order to be of help to children and families affected by an earthquake, you can make a charity fundraisingcampaign for the benefit of earthquake victims.

In the following link you can read important things related to disaster situations and learn how to be helpful:

PavelAndreev.BG campaigns to help children and youth affected by natural disasters

The Pavel Andreev website has built a reputation as one of the best and most honest platforms for donations. On its pages you will find dozens of current fundraising campaigns. Each of them guarantees complete transparency regarding the amount of money received. If you are also organising a charity, it is good to remember that openness and full access to information is extremely important, for the donors and also for the beneficiaries.

Honesty is what makes the Pavel Andreev Foundation worthy and respected among a large number of potential donors. They themselves choose who to help from the causes published on our website. People know that their funds will be used for their intended purpose, and that is what is most important.

If you know of children or youth who have been affected by a natural disaster - fire, earthquake, flood or other natural disaster and would like to help, we have outlined above the ways you can do so. If you yourself would like to organize a fundraiser for a child affected by a disaster, do it! Create a campaign on the Pavel Andreev platform and you will receive help.

Many campaigns posted on the site for donations and related to natural disasters have ended successfully. An example of such a campaign is Support for Turkey and Syria . This makes us proud and feel satisfied with what we have achieved. We all remember the difficult situation in Karlovo after the floods some time ago. Donors from our platform helped many people then to recover and get back on their feet. That is why we are calling on you now. If you have a need or know people and children in need - don't be in doubt, act.


We cannot fight against Mother Nature, but we can be united and united, supporting and helping each other. In a cause, together we can achieve great things, no matter how great the natural element was this time!

Remember: Floods, earthquakes, natural disasters and fires have always been and will always be. What you can do to help is create charitable campaigns yourself to provide hope for children affected by disaster. The more donation campaigns and sponsors there are, the more people will be able to get the help they need quickly.

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