Articles - How to help repair a school sports hall roof
2nd April 2024

How to help repair a school sports hall roof

Anyone who lives in a house or owns a building knows on the one hand how important it is for the roof to be stable, but on the other – how many problems it can cause if something happens to it. Because when a foundation is laid, it can quickly deteriorate if the integrity of the building is not taken care of. A damaged or leaking roof can lead to a long list of unpleasant consequences, including structural damage, rotting wood, mold, and even installation failure. Therefore, any sign of a roof leak should have a high priority on your list of upcoming repairs. The more timely measures are taken, the more affordable the repair costs are likely to be. Sometimes, however, a complete replacement and much larger repairs are necessary.

What the cost of roof repairs depends on

Generally, the most economical option is to repair only the damaged part of the roof. This is a good option when it is not very old and is in relatively good condition. If it is also clear exactly where the damage or leak is, this also saves costs. Otherwise, one can resort to at least a couple of handymen's opinions to clarify where exactly the problem lies so that it can be repaired most adequately. Sometimes such an inspection involves a service charge, which also costs no small amount. But repairing a roof is not like painting a room at home i.e. not all of us can grab the roller and become a handyman in a day.

Since prices vary depending on the type, size, height, materials and complexity of the job, it is important to have a professional determine exactly what the damage is. For example, some leaks are repaired with a partial repair and only need sealing, while in other cases shingles, caulking and even part of the roof structure may need to be replaced. It turns out that unrepaired hidden leaks sometimes lead to structural problems, but they can also be caused by improper construction, unforeseen weather conditions, or „aging“ of the building and the materials with which it is constructed.

The cost of a roof repair also depends on whether only part of the tiles or roof tiles need to be replaced or if it needs to be done completely. Sometimes only the chimney, vent pipe, drip edge, or roof valley needs to be repaired, but in other cases (after snow, ice, moisture, termites, or improper installation), part of the roof may cave in. In general, the price is formed according to the area, the type of materials the craftsmen will use and the complexity of the repair work itself.

The most common signs that a roof may need repair are leaks in the chimney, vents or the roof itself, stains on the ceiling and walls, peeling paint, cracked or missing tiles, moss build-up, a problem with the attic ventilation and more. And while sometimes only a minor and partial repair is required, sometimes a complete replacement is necessary. In some cases, this may be just an additional layer of tiles, which is more economical because the cost of removing and disposing of the existing roofing material is avoided. But for such re-roofing it is important that the existing roof system is in good condition i.e. there should be no existing leaks or rotten wood. Certainly the most expensive option is a complete roof replacement. This means removing all existing roofing materials, replacing rotten decking, new underlayment and new tiles. Sometimes there is a risk that the final cost will be higher than the contractor's original estimate, but it does mean greater peace of mind and security in the long run.

How to set up a crowdfunding campaign to repair the roof of an indoor sports hall for children

We've all seen at least one school in need of renovation, but if efforts are usually focused on the main building, often the gyms next to it go untouched. And, as already mentioned, the weather and climate are not kind, especially to roofs. At the same time, physical education classes are not cancelled, nor is the need for children's sports, which we know how important it is for building discipline, healthy habits, and strong character. So when these gyms continue to stand untouched - with leaks in the ceiling, cracked paint and insufficient heating, you may be among those benefactors who are willing to help by initiating much needed repairs. As mentioned earlier, however, these repairs can require quite a bit of money. In this case, creating a crowdfunding campaign is the right way to solve the problem.

Start a campaign right now. 

What you can do to start the change:

  • Create a group of supporters

When something is done in a team, it is always more successful. That's why you can organize a group of parents to help you implement your campaign. When the goal is set, and it is an important aspect of developing a successful crowdfunding campaign plan, you will be able to more easily focus your fundraising efforts on the needed donations, getting not only more parents involved in the idea, but also outside people to commit to the renovation.

  • Determine your budget

  • Once you know what the goal is, discuss with a contractor what the cost of the renovation will be. Only then can you carefully plan your budget and the amount you will need to attract donors.

    • Select a crowdfunding platform

    These types of platforms help to create just such a community of like-minded people, but also give others the opportunity to not only recognise your initiative, but to support it. One platform you can use for a crowdfunding campaign is PavelAndreev.BG, as it is used for many different philanthropic initiatives.

    • Make a sample timeline

    Creating a timeline allows you to review all the tasks you and your supporters may complete during the campaign and organize them according to the phase of how much money you have and how long the roof repair will take. Because in such campaigns not everything depends on you, but you can control and monitor the implementation process.

    • Use social networks

    Create a short description of your campaign that you can share on social media along with a photo or video. Other parents who have joined the initiative can do the same. Each post will be a step towards another donor or a person who can share your campaign. The most important thing is to be honest to create an engaging and personal message.

  • Charity Event

  • In addition to parents, you can involve your students in your campaign to organize a charity event within the school, neighborhood or community – it could be a concert, sports competition, exhibition. This is another way to give publicity to the initiative, as well as attract donors to make the renovation happen.

    Why choose the fundraising platform PavelAndreev.BG

    When you've decided to crowdfund, it's crucial that the platform you use has built trust and loyalty from users. The PavelAndreev.BG platform has proven over time its positive image as a place where you will get honesty, transparency and accessibility in the implementation of the entire process from the very creation of the donation campaign. What else is good to know about the platform:

    • Easy Access: The PavelAndreev.BG platform offers a very convenient form to activate a donation campaign. On the site you can find precise and clear instructions on how to get started if it is your first time. If you already have a campaign set up, you can also start a new one.

    • Fast Approval: If you've made your request correctly and followed all the guidelines and conditions outlined on the site, you can get your campaign approved within the day.

    • Several payment methods: You do not owe any fees when you run a campaign through the platform. At the same time, it provides six different ways to pay for donations - via card, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay, Revolut and IBAN account.

    • Tracking: The platform allows you to track how your campaign is progressing. At the same time, you can see other similar ones that are active on the platform. This will guide you to the results you can expect, which in turn will help you in setting the timeline for your task, in this case the repair. So don't hesitate to use this type of tool to achieve the desired result.

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