Articles - How to raise funds for a new orphanage roof
28th March 2024

How to raise funds for a new orphanage roof

"From the roof you can see all the beauty of the stars, but not from the window. Makes you wonder why people don't live on rooftops," says our favourite children's character Carlsson, who lives on the roof. How beautifully Astrid Lindgren wrote it. And imagine with how much awe little children would look at the stars, and how many such beautiful stories they can read when they have a roof over their heads - both literally and figuratively.

Sadly, many children have to live in orphanages that provide shelter, protection and education because they are deprived of parental care. But these vulnerable children also need to be provided with a better and quality life. The buildings they are housed in are often so old that they need repairs and refreshing so that the children can feel more warmth and comfort. Sometimes a complete roof replacement is needed. Something that requires professional intervention, but is also associated with quite a large cost to implement this type of repair.

Usually we tend to help children with material things like clothes, books, books and toys, but often the help these orphanages need is precisely in improving their living conditions. Volunteer work, organising the donation campaign - there are various ways in which we can help these children and the places where they live to have a better present, better protection.

When does the roof need to be renovated?

Roof replacement is one of the most important renovations. Many things have to be taken into account when it comes to this step, but measures have to be taken in time, because otherwise there could be problems with the inside of the building as well. It is certainly a renovation that should not be put off. There are some signs that it has come to the stage where it needs to be major. For example, if a serious deterioration of the roof, insulation layer or a hole in it has been discovered. Damaged or missing roof tiles are also a major factor in whether only a certain part needs to be replaced or the entire roof needs to be refurbished, especially if it is more than 20 years old. If sun rays are seen coming through the attic or noticeable water stains appear, then it may also be time for a new roof.

A complete roof replacement when it is seriously damaged or just at the end of its life is, of course, much more expensive. Every old tile and piece of roofing material will need removal, which takes more time and effort. Costs can increase significantly. But the cost is determined by the choice of roofing materials, the roofing contractor you choose, the pitch and square footage of the roof. In addition to labor and materials, there will be other costs to consider when budgeting for a roof repair or replacement. These include permit fees, roof inspection, a premium for prompt services in case of an emergency, and additional damages that may occur. In certain situations, the cost per square foot for a partial roof repair may be higher than that for a complete project to replace it.

Possibility of obtaining a repair credit

Taking out a renovation loan is just as common as one for a new home. Not to say that sometimes the two are combined when applying. But as we know there are different types of loans and ways to get them. When it comes to renovations, usually the most pressing and requiring funds are precisely for those that require roof renovation. Before proceeding to apply for a loan, it is very important to specify what the renovation is about and what financing it requires, so that you can prepare the right offer or at least be aware of the amount you want a loan for.

A loan is also an option for roof repairs

To begin with, it is good to clarify that there is a difference between a loan and a credit. If loans can be issued by banks and financial structures, a loan is about transferring money from one person to another, with the form and terms being specified in advance. The sum of money in an amount fixed between the two parties is what constitutes the loan itself. Another difference is that interest rates are calculated differently and usually that of the loan is higher.

In the case of a loan, the parties to the transaction can be individuals and legal entities as well as various associations. It is enough that they have the right to enter into this type of relationship and own the required amount or other tangible assets. Repayment may also occur in a lump sum, rather than, as in the case of a loan, with a credit calendar and a specific amount for a specific period. In the case of a loan, the responsibility is mostly on the side of the borrower, but as already mentioned, in this case not only a specific amount but also goods can be exchanged. Something that is a good option when making repairs, especially when you want to help an orphanage, a church or a school hall.

How to make a charity campaign and what the PavelAndreev.BG platform can help you with

When you have a clear goal - in this case, a new roof for an orphanage - the steps to help by organizing a charity campaign will start to take shape. Take the time to make a budget so you are clear on how much you will need to raise or how many donors you will need to attract. In addition to labor and materials costs for the renovation, it's also a good idea to budget for start-up costs, promoting the campaign to reach more people, and contingencies.

Launch a campaign quickly and easily entirely online.

  • Meet the donor

You can create a list of potential sponsors and donors that you know or that you think would be involved in a similar initiative. When talking about a fundraising campaign and all of the challenges that come with it, it's safe to say that nothing is bolder than asking for donations in person. However, this courage can pay off and help to realise the goal more quickly. And it's much harder to say no to someone in person.

  • Finding volunteers

Look for people who would be willing to get involved in the campaign by helping with logistics, organizing, charity event ideas. Anyone who is willing but not financially able to help can be helpful. And anyone can use their personal network of contacts to help spread the word about the cause and for donations.

  • Using a donation platform

Crowdfunding is a very good way to raise the necessary funds for repairs, even if you don't have a major donor. For this purpose, you can use the PavelAndreev.BG online platform, which provides the opportunity to run various donation campaigns. In order to attract people through it, it is very important to have a clear and specific goal and determine what exactly you need. This way, they will more easily recognize and be willing to help. For starters, your crowdfunding campaign should have share options and it's a good idea to post regular updates for your donors.

  • A good campaign description

Whether you use social media to reach more people, whether you create a campaign on the PavelAndreev.BG platform, whether you prepare a presentation for a sponsor or share with someone close what you want to achieve, you need to frame your goal accurately and clearly. Although most people sometimes donate impulsively during a fundraising campaign, they will still need specific information to make a decision. Tell the story of the orphanage and the children who will have to live there, show pictures, share the amount needed for repairs, because the more specific you speak or write, the more people will be aware of why and what they can help with.

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