Articles - Palliative care for children - what it is and how to help friends in need
27th September 2023

Palliative care for children - what it is and how to help friends in need

Each child is a different kind of flower and together they make the world a beautiful garden." Unknown author...

With these words we begin a heavy topic, "Palliative Care for Children - What it is and how to help friends in need."


  1. Why palliative care for children is important
  2. How to help friends in need - what are fundraising campaigns
  3. Worries and how to overcome uncertainty
  4. More fundraising tips for palliative care for children
  5. Other ways to help support children's palliative care
  6. Summary

1.Why palliative care for children is important

It is unlikely that anyone would ask a question like this, but let's emphasize the importance of Palliative Care for Children anyway. They play an extremely important role in improving the quality of life of young patients and their families. This type of care focuses on relieving the pain, symptoms and suffering associated with serious or terminal illnesses.

Palliative care for children helps in ensuring an optimal physical and psychological well-being of the patients. They work to support the control of pain, breathing difficulties and other physical symptoms that can occur with serious illnesses. Along with this, palliative care also boils down to tremendous emotional support for both the young patients and their families. This care is helpful in reducing the impact of the stress, worry and grieving emotions associated with the particular illness.

Added to the need for palliative care is the benefit of creating an appropriate environment for children and the opportunity for them to live a full life as they struggle with their illness. They offer entertaining and educational activities to support the child's development and social integration. Alongside this, palliative care supports families, working to their advantage to adapt to a new reality and enabling them to create special memories with their child.

Finally, palliative care for children is important because it contributes to ensuring that these children and their families are provided with dignified bereavement care and support. They strive to ensure that the child will live out their final days with dignity and peace of mind. They provide physical and emotional attention to both the child and his or her loved ones.

2.How to help friends in need - what are fundraising campaigns

The many successful fundraising campaigns and our extensive experience at the Pavel Andreev Foundation and donations in this direction shows that when a campaign is created for someone else, it gains many donors. This is because, often, a story seen through someone else's eyes can touch much deeper into people's hearts and minds. Thus, fundraising campaigns for palliative care for children connect with the deepest feelings of humanity and often ignite compassion and prompt us to call others to our aid.

Consider this: a parent is suffering because their child has been severely diagnosed with a terminal illness. Then his friend launches a fundraising campaign for palliative care. The community helps on the one hand the person launching the campaign and asking for help; on the other hand the bereaved parent and on the third hand the child in need of palliative care.

This is why campaigns of this type have an important role to play in helping children and their parents in need. They provide an opportunity to raise funds from the community and create a strong and supportive community. When friends or loved ones are in need of help, fundraisers are an option to help those in need in various forms and ways.

3.Worries and how to overcome insecurities

When you are organising a fundraising campaign for a child in palliative care and you are not directly involved (you are not the parent, but a relative, friend or relative), this can hide additional concerns around the process itself.

Sometimes the concerns of the third party setting up the campaign are focused on the fact that the donors themselves may not be fully aware: exactly who you are; what you will use the donations for. They wonder if the beneficiary will receive the funds raised, etc. questions that need to be faced with clear answers and sufficient transparency.

To avoid this kind of concerns, we at the Pavel Andreev Foundation advise you to make your campaign through the platform PavelAndreev.BG. It provides complete clarity for both the donors, the beneficiary and the campaign organizer.

Start with simple guidelines like:

  1. Introduce yourself and what your motive is to help a child in need and his/her family;
  2. Imagine who the child is and who his/her family is. Tell how you learned of their plight, what hardships they have been through and are moving on. Explain your reasons for announcing the fundraising campaign;
  3. When setting up charitable causes, it is good to be clear that you can do a fundraising campaign with any direction. In it, you can fundraise for the purpose of treatment as well as for emotional, psychological support and even better care for the sick child who is battling the serious illness.
  4. In order to have a constant awareness for the donors, publish news about what the raised funds are spent on. Include real photos of the child's life in the hospital. Always attach documents that justify the expenses incurred for the child's palliative care.
  5. It is important, even if the story of your cause ends with the scariest of endings, to keep in touch with donors until the very end. Another thing that is very important to know is that if there are any funds left over from your fundraising campaign that are not used for the purpose of the campaign, such funds should be transferred to other crowdfunding campaigns. This way, donors will feel useful and grateful that you have directed their funds to help other campaigns to cure and care for other children in need. For all this, post news on the PavelAndreev.BG platform where your donation campaign is organized.

4.More fundraising tips for palliative care for children

If this is the first time you're running a fundraising campaign for palliative care for children, you may find it a real challenge. Yet, with the right communication and community mobilisation, you can achieve great success and make a strong impact.

We at the Pavel Andreev Foundation, based on the experience we have, advise you to try combining different methods. You can find out more about us from the Pavel Adreev Foundation reviews. We also encourage you to emphasize the use of the platform as well as social media to get the attention and support of people who are willing to help.

For this purpose and to promote the fundraising campaign as well as attract attention to it, you can use some of the most popular social media platforms. They are:

  • Facebook:

Facebook provides opportunities to create a fundraising page and share information about the cause. Thus, through it you can invite friends and family to like and share the page as well as use paid ads to reach a larger audience.

  • Instagram:

This is another excellent platform for sharing visually appealing content. You can post photos and videos that represent your child's story or cause. You can also use hashtags to get attention.

  • Twitter:

Another good platform is Twitter. It is good for sharing short and clear messages. You can use hashtags and tag influencers or organizations to help spread your campaign.

  • LinkedIn:

If you have a purpose and are targeting the business community or want to attract corporate sponsors, LinkedIn is the right platform for this purpose. With its help, you can publish articles or connect directly with professionals and business leaders.

  • YouTube:

If you have video material, YouTube is the perfect platform for your purposes. You can share everything about your charity fundraising campaign on it. You can also create a channel where you can upload videos telling the story of the child and the cause and share them on other social media.

  • TikTok:

If your target audience is younger, TikTok may be a useful platform for you. You can create fun and creative videos that will attract attention and generate shares.

Overall, it's important to choose the platforms that are most relevant to your target audience and actively engage with people who care about your cause. Also, be sure to thank them, keep them updated with everything that's happening around the donation campaign.

Check out our articles related to social media:

5.Other ways to help support palliative care for children

Every story well told, every photo of a child and their family, every video will not be passed over, just like that. That's why we advise you more:

  • A personal story:

Tell the personal story of a child and their family. Share what challenges they face and how palliative care can help. Their story will impact potential donors emotionally and inspire them to help.

  • Video material:

Record and share a video of the child and family sharing their experiences and needs. Video can be a powerful way to communicate that will allow people to see the real faces behind the cause.

  • Media Coverage:

Contact local media including TV, radio and newspapers and offer to share the child's story. Media coverage can help raise awareness and attract new donors. In case the online sharing cause we mentioned with social media above seems more credible to you, go for it.

  • Special Events:

Organize a charity event. This can be a concert, a sporting event, a charity dinner or auction,a charity bazaar and whatever else comes to your mind. These events will not only help you raise funds but also create an opportunity to network with people who care about the disease.

  • Corporate sponsors:

Reach out to local companies and organizations that have the potential to be interested and sponsor your campaign for whatever reason. They can provide financial support or offer their services and resources.

  • Fundraising with the online platform PavelAndreev.BG

Use the PavelAndreev online platform for fundraising. This way is convenient and will connect you with donors from all over the world. Don't miss this opportunity.


Palliative care for children is essential because it helps patients and their families improve their quality of life; alleviate caregiving; and provide moral, not just financial, support. They provide physical, emotional and spiritual support. Fundraising campaigns for palliative care for children aim to ensure optimal well-being and dignified bereavement care for children.

When your friends or loved ones need such care, there are several ways you can help. We've mentioned them above, but there may always be more questions to seek answers to. Don't hesitate to look for the information you need in the pages of Pavel Andreev's website supporting donations and charitable causes of all kinds.

Start a campaign now on PavelAndreev.BG.

And in our Help Centeryou can see What are the conditions for starting a campaign?

In conclusion:

We can all make a difference in the lives of children who need palliative care and their families. Let's always remember those words as a motive: "Every child is a different kind of flower and together they make the world a beautiful garden."

With our support, understanding and active involvement, we can help friends or loved ones in need and contribute to a better society that provides compassion, attention and care to all its members.

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