Articles - This is why many choose treatment in Turkey over other countries
6th July 2023

This is why many choose treatment in Turkey over other countries

Unfortunately, cases of cancer are constantly being diagnosed all over the world. There are more and more cancer patients. However, the word 'cancer' no longer sounds like a sentence for people living in developed countries. When it comes to choosing where to have tests and manipulations, patients are increasingly turning to cancer treatment in Turkey. If the cost turns out to be higher than they can afford, people often resort to organizing a charity campaign.

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New effective methods of diagnosis and treatment are rapidly being introduced. Thanks to them, cancer patients are getting a far more favourable prognosis and there is a chance to heal completely and get on with life as usual.

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Turkey is among those countries that could boast of implementing the latest cancer treatment methods. A high-tech, inventive medical industry has been established there in recent years. All this is happening with the support of both the government and private investors.

Turkey's successes in cancer treatment

All this support has enabled Turkey to achieve major successes in the treatment of complex types of cancer, such as brain tumours.

Turkish neurosurgeons were able to successfully use Gamma Knife technology as early as 1997. They entered the top five teams in the world working with it in terms of the number of patients treated. This is a specific technology that enables tumor cells to be killed. This is done by the method of high-precision radiation, and surgical intervention is not necessary. This in turn significantly reduces the rehabilitation period. It also eliminates the complications that could traditional surgery. This is a procedure that you could pay for with funds raised through a fundraiser.

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Neurosurgeons in some of Turkey's top hospitals have a range of 5th generation knife. Its way of working allows the necessary doses of radiation to be directed solely and exclusively to the tumor. In this way, neighbouring organs are not affected, nor is the tissue. In most cases, patients from abroad do not have to stay in the clinic after the procedure has been performed. This means that they can return home the same day. Follow-up consultations and monitoring, when the condition allows it, are carried out over the internet, and this in turn saves patients a lot of money and tension.

More achievements of Turkish clinics

Turkish neurosurgery has another very important achievement. It is the possibility to perform intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The patient is placed in an MRI chamber during surgery. This chamber is compatible with the operating table. The purpose of the procedure is to monitor the quality of tumor removal. The operation continues afterwards. The MR-tomography data are taken into account. There are only 22 clinics using this technology in the whole of Europe.

The innovations are not only in terms of neurosurgery. Oncologists involved in cancer treatment in Turkey are actively introducing the latest advances in the treatment of liver, pancreatic, ovarian and prostate cancer. Some types of tumours that have been found to be inoperable in other countries are successfully operated on in Turkey. This happens thanks to the use of the latest equipment. The exchange of international experience is also of great importance.

Here are some tips on how to raise money for chemotherapy treatment.

Cancer treatment in Turkey

When it comes to cancer treatment in Turkey, many Bulgarians have to resort to fundraising through a charity campaign. One can be set up on the Pavel Andreev Foundation website.

Intracorporeal radiation therapy is used in Turkey. It serves for absolutely precise irradiation of tumours of the female internal genital organs and the prostate. In this manipulation, radioactive rays are delivered directly into the tumour through special plastic tubes. The new technology makes it possible to shorten the number of exposure sessions. The risk of complications is thus reduced.

The interaction between radiologists, oncologists, chemotherapists, laboratory technicians and immunologists is also very important for successful treatment. In Turkey you can find a full range of excellent professionals, many of whom have studied in Europe or the USA. In the meantime, however, cancer treatment in Turkey is more affordable than prices in Western countries. Just do a keyword search on "Turkey treatment prices" and you will immediately notice the difference.

Kidney/heart transplant in Turkey

In addition to cancer treatment, transplants are performed in the country with great success. This is a major operation, which in most cases is also life-saving. Patients who choose to undergo a kidney or heart transplant in Turkey have the opportunity to create an online donation campaign on PavelAndreev.BG. This way, the worry about paying for procedures and surgeries will go away.Also check out our article with 5 reasons to choose a fundraising campaign instead of personal loans for the cost of treating life-threatening diseases

Cerebral palsy treatment/rehabilitation in Turkey

There are Turkish clinics that also offer treatment and rehabilitation for cerebral palsy. Again, the results are very good and the doctors apply innovative techniques and methods. The disease is serious, but with proper treatment results can definitely be achieved. There are many people who are enjoying progress after treatments in the best hospitals in Turkey. You may look for information on "Treatment in Turkey reviews" to be informed beforehand.

Autism treatment in Turkey

Autism is a developmental disorder. It affects the ability to interact and communicate with the surrounding world. It usually manifests before the age of 3. It is diagnosed by the autism spectrum symptoms that manifest during this period. Autism cannot be developed in older children, teenagers and adults. Early recognition of the disorder is the key to successful treatment. Both diagnosis and treatment are successfully carried out in Turkey using innovative methods.

Fundraising for treatment in Turkey through the Pavel Andreev platform

If you or a loved one needs to resort to treatment in Turkey, the choice of destination is very good and the opportunities for successful improvement of the condition are excellent. However, the sums needed can be a problem. That is why we at Pavel Andreev advise you to create a donation campaign through our platform as soon as you receive a quotation for treatment. This way you can cover all your costs and concentrate solely around successful treatment.

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