Articles - Why we need to donate to art, sport and culture
13th September 2023

Why we need to donate to art, sport and culture

Art is that part of culture through which various ideas and values inherent in any society are transmitted. The main difference between the different types of art is that there is no "right" and "wrong", "true" and "false". In the field of art, each artist or his admirers have their own opinion and their own point of view about what they see in a painting, in a sculpture or in another kind of work. This is the reason why they may appeal to someone or be strange to another.

Furthermore, art gives us the opportunity to talk, discuss and explain why we like or dislike the work. This opportunity provokes us to think differently, to express our own opinions and to hear the different perspectives of others. In this way we "open" our senses and are able to see other new connections, associations and reasoning. Also, discussing a song or a play is a great way of persuasive communication between different people. But why do we need to donate to art, sport and culture?

The role of sport in modern society

Sport, as a national passion, has the ability to unite society in a single national idea, as well as the desire of people to achieve success in order to win. Unfortunately, not enough attention has been paid to sport to date. There are few private clubs in any sport that can boast a good budget, and what is left for local teams at local level.

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Sport itself is extremely important. It builds character and teaches discipline, morality and will. Surveys have shown that a very large proportion of young people who take part in sport understand life and the world better. Sport develops in them the values of modern society, such as equality of opportunity for success. Furthermore, people who play sport are convinced that it helps them to increase their self-esteem and capabilities, as well as their ability to use them. They believe that sport teaches them that they have to make sacrifices in order to achieve their goals, and this means that success depends above all on ambition, initiative, diligence, patience and a strong will.

Charity for culture, art and sport

Donors have a clear idea that they should contribute to the development of culture and education in our society. In the past, philanthropic campaigns have mainly been directed towards educational institutions, for scholarships and the construction of schools and universities. Take a look at our articles:

Today, through charitable causes, people are continuing the tradition of investing, and their philanthropy extends to other areas in modern society.

What are the most mainstream philanthropic causes right now

Over the years, the most mainstream philanthropic campaigns have focused on healthcare. Today, ideas for charity are the main concern of institutions, and more specifically foundations and companies. Most donations are collected from foundations, companies and individual donors. Companies provide most of the invested funds - over 50%. After them in the ranking of donors are foundations and only lastly are individuals who donate, with the volume of their donations being only 4%. As for the areas for which charity is organized, they are definable according to the types of donors, because they prefer different causes. Individual donors are mostly involved in health-related donation campaigns. They respond to appeals broadcast on television or posted on social networks to raise funds for the treatment of people. For foundations, the leading charitable causes are related to education, human rights, literature, cinema and civil society. Companies, on the other hand, participate in philanthropic campaigns related to education and social welfare. This is because they prefer causes whose results are quickly visible. However, many of them also provide funds in the field of sports to encourage and help young talents to reach their potential and move up the ladder of success.

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A few words about cultural philanthropy

A large part of donations for culture are directed to the restoration of churches, historical sites, folklore festivals and others. The ideas of charity are directed in the preservation of spiritual values, in order to preserve history and traditions. There are, of course, foundations and organizations that invest in contemporary art to support the development of various cultural fields, such as cinema, music, literature, fine arts, etc. This is because there are no specialists who deal with fundraising for culture in the organisations themselves, neither in theatres nor in galleries. The promotion of donation campaigns for culture and art is very important because self-initiative is very rare in them. This means that cultural charitable causes would have a much harder time competing with life-saving causes. And when there is no demand, it becomes quite impossible.

The role of the Pavel Andreev Foundation in giving to art, sport and culture

We at the Pavel Andreev Foundation are actively involved in promoting and conducting donation campaigns, in the fields of education, culture, art and society. On our website PavelAndreev.BG you will find numerous publications about charitable causes, through which we strive to reach as many donors as possible, who with the funds they provide can help in opening dance schools, building sculptures or publishing books and collections of young and talented authors. We also financially support those who do not have the opportunity to invest in their education or defend their doctoral thesis. If you are one of those who want to develop in the field of cinema or music, or you are a young artist who wants to show your work to the public, then you can contact us and in particular Pavel Andreev to discuss the possibility of helping you. We can also be contacted by anyone who has a desire, opportunity and ideas for charity to help the arts, sport and culture.

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