Оставеният за евтаназия БОЧКО

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Фондация Втори живот is an organizer for a beneficiary Фондация Втори живот
End after 167 days
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216.74 EUR
Donors (Total number of donors: 9)

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9.46 EUR
5 days ago

58.71 BGN
3 weeks ago

28.97 BGN
4 weeks ago

9.35 BGN
2 months ago


Vilyana Tsekova
52.4 BGN
6 months ago

Vilyana Tsekova
129.61 BGN
6 months ago

Роман Методиев
48.71 BGN
6 months ago

29.05 BGN
8 months ago

48.64 BGN
9 months ago

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