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We believe that every cause is worth it and we work hard together with the donors to make it come true. PavelAndreev.BG is the best place to organize a fundraising campaign for the treatment of your family member or a social cause. You can launch a campaign as an individual or organization.

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When starting a campaign, follow the steps and instructions given to you by the platform so that your cause can achieve a maximum effect.

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Each campaign is assessed by a platform administrator and we will contact you if needed to ensure it is perfectly formatted and to achieve success.

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The platform you offers 6 payment methods - bank card, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay, Revolut and IBAN account, through which you will be able to receive donations from all over the world in seconds.

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Posting up-to-date news about your campaign will keep donors informed and increase donations.

Convenient payment options

The platform offers different and very convenient payment methods. You can pay directly to a hospital for the treatment of your family member or if the campaign is non-medical - to a company to execute the cause or to your account.

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After you request a payment, a platform administrator will confirm it as soon as possible. You also have access to permanent customer support to track the process.


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Success stories

Life for baby Kristin

Baby Kristin was suffering from heart failure. The hope for her was transplantion in India. The campaign fro baby Kristin raised EUR 477,837. During the flight to India, her heart stopped working for 30 minutes, an emergency operation was needed to place a device to support it. A week later, a miracle happened and baby Kristin received a new heart.

17629 The donator 961783 BGN donated
❤️ Donate Life to Mitko

Mitko had leukemia. After serious chemotherapy and successful remission he had to get ready for transplantion in Israel. The amount raised for the campaign about Mitko was EUR 628,167. Due to the zero-value parameters and weakened immunity, he was isolated in a sterile hospital room. On 9.09.2022 Mitko had successful transplantion, but his fight over Cytomegalovirus continues.

25000 The donator 1224927.44 BGN donated
Gergana against bone cancer

Gergana had bone cancer. The amount raised for her campaign was EUR 221,433. She had a couple of courses of chemotherapy, surgery, postoperative chemotherapy and rehabilitation. In the end, Gergana managed to fight over cancer and she is now healthy.

10794 The donator 431795.72 BGN donated
Let's help Joro to get better

Joro hadleukemia. Despite the chemotherapy, Joro still needed transplantation, so he and his family went to Israel. The amount raised for Joro was 305 117 EUR. His transplantion was successful and he is now in remission.

9366 The donator 594980.36 BGN donated
Let's save Angel ❤️

Angel has fought over tongue cancer. Doctors in Bulgaria gave him 20% chance of survival, so they went to Turkey for a treatment. The amount raised for Angel's campaign is EUR 25,662. Thanks to the treatment, Angel is now clean,he has no tumor and no metastases.

1681 The donator 50042.18 BGN donated
Give future to Elena ❤️

Elena had a rare genetic disease - Wilson-Konovalov disease. The only solution was liver transplantion, so she wentto Turkey. The amount raised forthe campaign for Elena was EUR 16,444. Her sister became her donor, the operation was successful and she recovered.

287 The donator 32067.06 BGN donated
Donate LIFE to Kalin

Kalin had leukemia. The amount raised for his campaign was EUR 93,700. After the chemotherapyhe had, the test results were good and Kalin's transplantion was successful. He is well and is already at home.

3980 The donator 182716.75 BGN donated
Hope for baby Galina

Galina fought retinopathy. The amount raised for the campaign of baby Galina was EUR 57,864. Galina's eye was operated in Turkey. She is well and her central vision is 100%.

2776 The donator 112836.66 BGN donated
Let's give life to Anita

Anita was suffering from liver failure. The amount raised for Anita's campaign was EUR 27,880. Her transplantion was successful and Anita is well.

1700 The donator 54367.16 BGN donated
Together for Zhani❤️

Zhanet had cancer. The amount raised for her was EUR 29,833. After the oncological disease of the ovary, which was removed, the disease came back, but this time affected another organ - the spleen, which was also removed. After an MRI, lesions in the liver were found. Fortunately, the operation was successful and Zhane is well.

1037 The donator 58175.74 BGN donated